Sunday, December 12, 2010


Dang Jesus...You are so sneaky.
For a very long time I have been called to ministry. I didn't know what type of ministry, until within the past 3 years. I now know that God has called me into music ministry. That is such a broad ministry. It's not just about making music..good rhythms...great lyrics...and it CERTAINLY does NOT have ANYTHING to do with getting famous. That's not even close to being the point. (even though God can use that to further His kingdom in massive ways which is super gnarly when that happens =]) Music Ministry ,in my opinion, is using the talents that God has given you to further His fame and His kingdom. That can mean so many different things as well, but here recently God has been showing that I can use all the concerts and coffee house gigs to raise money for charity. So far He's raised roughly $230 for the courage house and next I hope to raise money for my food for the hungry kid Hawa. My fellow adopters, and I hope to raise enough money to get her and her village a cow....ANYWAYS that's totally not the point of this post. Long story short I feel incredibly lead to move..I'm not totally sure why, but I'm going to go, and so far God has provided a place for me to live, a job, and an opportunity to work with a band there. Also I have an opportunity to help lead worship for a church there. I'M NOT EVEN THERE YET!!! SERIOUSLY GOD?!?!? It's so cool how He is paving the road there. and on top of that this New Years I'm going with Perfect Peace Band to help them lead worship in Florida and on one of the days we are there we have the amazing opportunity to open for Lincoln Brewster. I never asked for this, but I'm super stoked to see how massively He is going to move in Florida and how He is going to change lives that week. God is huge and can do anything He wants. Sometimes I think He just does things like this in our lives and sits back like " Yeah that's right...I am God...I'm awesome...sit and rapture." =] Dang....I can't wait to worship non-stop once we see those pearly gates!
Just a side note Perfect Peace Band is amazing! If you don't know who these guys are check them out at or at their official website at

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