average events of random adventures

Just a taste of my wonderful life.
Last night one of my roommates had to go to walmart, so everyone that was at the house piled into their cars and went. There were ten of us. We went purely for the sake of fun and spontaneity. While there my friend Ryne and I got into our usual throw down. I ended up chasing him down one of the isles, when out of nowhere his feet went one way and his face another. We laid on the ground and laughed about it for about ten min. While still at walmart Stephanie and I frolicked down the isles to get creamer...yes...frolicked. Along with playing hid and go seek Stephanie and Kole slow danced up the isles. It was magical.
When we returned to the house I was ready to get in bed. Of course....Kole and Ryne would not let me..shoes were shoved in my face...as were ukuleles.. The three of us ended up wrestling, and I was left on the couch to cuddle with a scarecrow....These stories may seemed chopped up and quite nonsensical...because usually that's exactly how our stories unfold. They begin with an idea and nuclear bomb into our next grand adventure. I truly love each and every one of my friends from the bottom of my heart. Wow. IDK what I would do without them. :) Just another average day at our house.