Wednesday, August 10, 2011

wow. A lot has changed.

I don't even know where to begin. Today is August the 11th 2011 and I'm writing this in my apartment in Nashville TN. SO MUCH of my life has changed. I packed up and left my incredible friends (aka my family) back in Arkadelphia, and I miss them so much. I think about our crazy adventures so often, but I know Jesus has a huge plan for me here. Being in this city and in this environment is giving me more and more of a taste of what the real world is like. What I see isn't that great. Growing up sucks. What's amazing  is even though the reality of what is out there in the world is slightly intimidating I'm seriously not afraid. I know Jesus is more real than anything I'll ever see or experience in this existence or the next one. Originally, when I was anticipating the move here I thought I was coming here to seek a glorious path that would lead to the worlds standard of success. Man oh man. God changed my heart FAST. I don't even desire that anymore. At all. My main goal here is for every person I come in contact with to know that they are truly and passionately loved by God. Everything else doesn't seem important in comparison to that. The reality of what this world is hasn't changed's kind of a beautiful the midst of the chaos we've created. God has blessed me, and us as believers, SO MUCH by sending us to dark places to be light for people. I'm holding His flame so His light can shine. People ask questions and I give answers. I listen to their stories. See life through their eyes if only for a moment just to lead their eyes to a cross. If people won't come to a building labeled "Church" then we are blessed with the duty of taking the church (us) to them. Dang. How beautiful is that? We have the best job in the world. Everyday is like Christmas because we get to be messengers of good news to people. Bring them a gift that was first given to us. Hope. Then once that takes root in their heart it quickly turns to love which bears fruit of the cycle can start all over again with them. With every person who's life is touched (and if you've smiled at a stranger today you've touched a life) you have the kind of power to change that life, to send a pebble into a pond and make waves of change in the course of time for that particular person. We've been given an incredible responsibility. (if you're a believer). We are responsible for making waves of change in the name of Jesus for the Kingdom of God. The title sounds intense but the work is simple. Love the Lord. Love people. Pray for your enemies. Humble yourself before the cross. Be a servant. Make the goal of everyday to make Jesus smile, and walk by faith. So many times we over complicate things, but there it is in a nutshell. Hope you're blessed by this.I'll give more stories about life, love and Nashville soon. Until then Love and peace my friends. Love and Peace.

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