Sunday, December 5, 2010

I did not see this one coming..

Oh The Movement. ...The very .foundation on which you are built is incredible in itself, but the fact that God has perfectly interwoven each of our drastically different lives to do what He did today just blows my mind. The movement is a small "mission group" that is located in Arkadelphia, AR. With the calling of God, the heart He gave to Stephanie Watts, and a lot of help from Lake Point Church The Movement has turned into a life changing community and completely awesome molding experience. It's hard to explain, honestly, but the important thing is what God did today. Today was a day we planned on going out in the community and hand out candy canes, sing carols, and just spread some Christmas cheer. Well, we went to a few nursing homes and sang and that was awesome, but my favorite part was when we went to the courage house. We were so incredibly blessed to be able to decorate the inside for the kids. (We got them all the decor from a garage sale my parents were having. No one bought the Christmas stuff and I'm totally convinced that it was meant to be.) We put twinkle lights EVERYWHERE and gave away some beanie babies to them as well. It seriously blessed me I think more than it did them. After we got home we just sat on the porch and worshipped God for who He is. Then my best friend Stephanie and I just did dishes and talked about how awesome God is.
When i think of everything God is doing in and around my life I can't comprehend why in the world He chose me to be apart of this amazing adventure we call life with him. I am so blessed, beyond measure, to be surrounded by all these amazing people, all these amazing opportunities, and all these amazing plans God is slowly unveiling before my eyes. I can't wait to see what crazy awesome thing He does next. This post does this day no justice since I'm writing it at 2:45am, but you at least have a taste while it's still fresh. God bless you guys!


  1. Gotta say I love your blog! I love to see joy and so much enthusiasm about being one of God's kids! Yay for you and I look forward to coming back here for more "epic" news!

  2. =] your comment just made my entire day. Thank you so much, and that joy comes straight from Jesus. He is so amazing!