Sunday, December 12, 2010

hhhmmm...we shall see

On Friday Kole and I went to go do street ministry again.  We had a pretty productive day. Not as epic as last time, but still it was pretty cool. My last post was about the amazing things God did with the courage house through the movement outreach program. Well, a part of the ministry that day was about giving away some toys to the kids there, and we did, but we still have TONS left over so Kole and I brought some extra to the streets just in case we saw some kids to make their day a little brighter. Turns out we brought them for a reason, cause near the end of  our day we saw a family with four kids! Four….pretty close in age too.  I’m not going to lie I felt like a creeper as I approached their van with a bag full of Beanie babies. I told the family and the kids what we were doing and asked them if they wanted some beanie babies. They of course said yes. Who wouldn’t want babies full of beans? It made me smile to see them smile and they looked like they genuinely appreciated it. They were too cute. Also, while we were playing a lady who owns an art gallery in town asked Kole and I if we would like to come play. I think we are going to accept the offer and just go play worship music. God opened up that door for a reason..I’m kind of excited to see what He does with it. :)...hhmmm

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